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Kingsmead Charity Packs

Kingsmead is a small, family run publishing company with over 28 year's experience raising funds for Charity

These cards are designed to be bought by charities and institutions to be sold to supporters to raise funds. The cards are printed in the UK on high quality 275gsm board. Your greeting and charity information will be printed inside in black (for orders less than 250 packs). On orders for 250 packs and over we can also add your logo in colour on the reverse.

The cards are supplied packed in 10's with 100gsm white envelopes and a backing slip containing your charity's information.

The minimum order is 50 packs of any one design for orders placed by June 1st. The minimum is 100 packs per design after this date. The exception is the Clearance bargains where the minimum order is 50 packs per design throughout the year.

The square designs are available as either 108mm square or 140mm square. Some designs are available in either size from stock. If you are ordering 250 packs or more you can have whichever size you prefer.